20 Amazing photos from Pop Culture

Steven Spielberg (1982)


Dakota Fanning and Brittany Murphy

 Mariah Carey (18) with Will Smith (19),  1988

Charlie’Angels: Jacqueline Smith, Keith Jackson y Farrah Fawcett, (1976)


Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Julia Stiles And Larisa Oleynik  (10 things I hate about you cast)

 Frank Sinatra, (1938)

Mick y Bianca Jagger (1971)

 Demi Moore And Rob Lowe (1986)

Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson (1992)

Courtney Love And Kurt Cobain (1992)

A Young Samuel L. Jackson

Rob Lowe, Sarah Jessica Parker y Robert Downey Jr (1988)

Bruce Lee, Linda Lee and their children

Hugh Hefner (1970)

 Princess Diana and Prince Harry (1992)

Brigitte Bardot and Pablo Picasso (1956)

The Kennedy family in the White House, 1962.

Andy Warhol, 1964.

Christian Bale

Sonny Bono, Cher y Twiggy


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